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This question springs from panic that Trump and his pals will never face consequences because Trump will use the presidential pardon power to get them all off the hook.


#1: The Pardon Question

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#2: The Court Packing Question

This question springs from panic that the GOP is hurriedly shoving through lots of judicial appointments who will, essentially, allow Trump to become a dictator.  I illustrate why this is extremely unlikely using the presidential pardon power as an example.

This overlaps with Question 3.

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#3: The Indictment Issue

There is much talk about whether a sitting president can be indicted.

People are seeing indictment as a solution. Indictment is not a solution. Indictment begins a lengthy judicial process.

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#4: Is it too late to save our democracy?

Fear mongering (“it’s too late!”) is dangerous and self-fulfilling: If people think it’s too late, they’ll give up and won’t do the things necessary to save the democracy.

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#5: What if the 2020 election is rigged?

This question springs from a fear the GOP will rig the 2020 election.

Elections are run and monitored locally. Each state and community conducts its own election, which makes it hard for Trump—or anyone—to rig a presidential election.

The solution is for more people to get involved in local elections. Become a poll worker! Figure out what your state has in the way of a Protect and Promote the vote organization.

It’s not too early to get involved in whatever organizations your state has.

What I learned as a volunteer lawyer monitoring polls and vote tabulation:

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