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History of the GOP

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To understand how Lincoln’s anti-slavery, strong federal government party morphed into the party of the Koch brothers & the KKK, I did some reading The Democratic Party was the pro-slavery party of the Confederacy & rural America.

2/ The Democrats wanted a limited federal government because they knew the North, if given the chance, would end slavery. Democrats vetoed federal funds for canals and highways because they understood such infrastructure

3/ In 1855 the Republican Party, the “Freedom Party,” was born as an anti-slavery, pro-industry, pro-federal government party. Republicans wanted a strong federal government because industry needed roads, canals, etc. to thrive. For that they needed federal legislation.

4/ Republicans gave us our first income tax. After the Civil War and the crushing defeat of the South, the Rs had the power to pass pro-industry legislation. As a result, the industrial revolution boomed. Now the nation’s wealthiest people were railroad and business executives.

5/ Income inequality opened between business tycoons and laborers, who worked long hours in dangerous jobs at poverty wages. Notice: When slaveowners had power, they voted to consolidate their power. Now industrialists did the same. Democracy tends to slide to oligarchy

6/States began segregating blacks & making it harder for them to vote (helped by the KKK) From Paxton: The world’s first fascist group was the KKK. The GOP, the party of industry and equality, split into to factions: The conservative pro-Industry part and liberal pro-labor part.

7/ When SCOTUS upheld segregation and voter restrictions on blacks, the GOP dropped racial equality and labor issues from its platform and became the conservative party. By 1920, Democratic Party base consisted of Southern whites, rural America, and laborers.