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Moscow Mitch McConnell

What’s up with the GOP-Russia love?

On Wed, Mueller said the 2016 Russian attack wasn’t “a single attempt. They’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it during the next campaign.”

Today McConnell killed protective legislation.

I see bewilderment & frustration: They’re greedy traitors! They’re betraying America! They know they can’t win without Russian help! Spoiler: The Trump-GOP sees Russia as the savior of the white race.

For decades now, Russia has been “beckoning” to America’s far right wing, presenting Russia as the savior of white majority rule. (Timothy Snyder’s word)

The GOP doesn’t think that allying itself with Russia is a betrayal of America. They think they’re saving America.

I was struck by a phrase on page 3 of the Motion for Pre-Trial Detention for Christopher Paul Hasson (the guy who planned to mass murder liberals).

Christopher Paul Hasson is quoted as writing, “Looking to Russia with hopeful eyes . . .”

There’s a pattern, folks. Remember when Trump told Putin about the “Russian Hoax” (and didn’t tell him to knock off the attacks?)

Last summer Tucker Carlson said the U.S. should “rethink America’s alliances.”

Remember when Sen. Rand Paul went to Moscow to open “lines of communication” and invited Russian lawmakers to the U.S?

I also recall Guiliani attending a pro-Russia conference.

Katie Hopkins thinks “Putin rocks” and praises Russia as being “untouched by the myth of multiculturalism and deranged diversity.”

Putin’s regime, remember, is built on homophobia and fear of those who are different.

And there’s Ann Coulter, who makes clear she agrees, sitting right next to her.

Keep in mind how Putin scapegoats the LGBT community in Russia, and how, when Ukrainians turned out in massive protests in 2014 against their corrupt pro-Russian dictator Viktor Yanukovych, the Russian press claimed that behind the organization there was an LGBT. lobby and warned of a “homodictatorship.”

Seems the plan all along was for the Trump-FOX-GOP to move the US away from NATO and into a closer alliance with Russia. Russia created the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) because they couldn’t join the European Union (EU)

Russia couldn’t join the EU because of the requirement that members uphold the principles of equality and rule of law. Nations that violate human rights are unwelcome. (Facts from Timothy Snyder) Putin therefore formed his own club, the EEU, and set out to destroy the EU.

Part of the plan was to lead the US away from the EU and into the EEU. Last time I checked, the EEU had five members: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. Vietnam, Iran, and China have Free Trade Zone agreements.

I suggest that the Trump-GOP-Russia Love springs from the fact that they are more closely aligned ideologically with the Kremlin then they are with Democrats or members of the EU.

They can also be compromised, afraid of blackmail, and eager for all that Russian money.

These things are not mutually exclusive.

But don’t overlook the fact that the GOP-Putin love may spring from having so much in common.

The problem is that the GOP is making a bargain with the devil and they don’t realize it.

They’d rather have Putin than an expansion of liberal democracy in America.

They fear diversity that much.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and all she stands for scares them much more than Putin.

But I don’t think most GOP members and Trump supporters realize what they’re getting into.

I don’t think they’d really like living in the United States of Russia (as appealing as white majority may be to them).

I mean, do they really think they’d be allowed to keep their guns in Putin’s America?

[A follower on Twitter asked if I thought it was really bad that McConnell blocked the legislation. My answer: I’m not sure legislation would make much difference. Trump and his GOP friends don’t obey the laws we have. Why would they obey new ones?]

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