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Russia as the Savior for American White Supremacy

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Much is shocking in the Motion for Pre-Trial Detentionor Christopher Paul Hasson (the guy planning to mass murder liberals) but one detail jumped out at me.

1/ On page 3, Christopher Paul Hasson is quoted as writing, “Looking to Russia with hopeful eyes . . .”

Last summer, Tucker Carlson said Trump was right and America should “rethink America’s alliances.”

2/ Fox News (and Tucker Carlson) began actively pushing Russia as our new ally.

Remember when Sen. Rand Paul went to Moscow to open “lines of communication” and invited Russian lawmakers to the U.S.?” 

3/ And when Giuliani was in Armenia headlining a pro-Putin conference. And how about when eight Republicans celebrated July 4 in Moscow?

4/ What’s behind all the Russia-GOP love?

Putin “beckoned” to the America’s far right wing (@timothysnyder_‘s word), and the right wing responded, seeing Russia as the savior of the white 

5/ Remember when Charles Lindbergh led the America First movement and wanted the U.S. to form an alliance with Nazi Germany instead of England and France? 

Same basic idea.

6/ The idea is popular that the Trump-Fox-GOP kowtows to Russia because they are compromised. Maybe they want the alliance. These are not mutually exclusive. There can be both kompromat and a desire for an alliance . . .

7/ . . . particularly because those Americans who worked with Russia during the election are compromised by virtue of that alliance. We know there were some. The Mueller docs refer to unnamed Americans who worked with the Russians.

8/ Click here for six possible reasons the GOP chooses Russia.