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Things To Do

Want to really make a difference in politics and government? Don’t just march, run for something.

Do it! Run for Something recruits and supports young progressives running for local office with the long-term goal of building a bench for decades to come. You can run for office. Or you can volunteer to help them, including screening candidates.

Donate to charities and other groups helping immigrants and migrant children at the border.

Hillary Clinton tweeted out a list of groups doing work at the border and beyond doing critical work to defend the rights of immigrant and refugee children. Click here for the list.

Elections are held and monitored locally.

You should all get involved with your local elections. Each state has its own process. Start by contacting your local election board.

You can become a poll judge or poll worker.

(How cool is that?) I’m sure each state has a different procedure. James Williams tells how he did it in Maryland.

In California, you can volunteer to be a poll worker.

Promote and Protect the Vote.

If you are a lawyer, volunteer with a promote and protect the vote organization (connected to the Democratic party). Here are my experiences.

Official Voter Registrar

In some states, you can become an official volunteer voter registrar. James Williams in Maryland tells how he did it in his state. Click here for his explanation. He completed his course and keeps his certificate and paperwork with him so he never misses an opportunity to register a new voter.

Democratic Coalition

Tell your representatives your views. The Democratic Coalition keeps a list and easy instruction here.

Organize locally through Indivisible.

One reason the Tea Party was so effective was that they organized locally and put pressure on local representatives. As Obama said, “All politics is local.” This is why Indivisible formed: To help each community create their own grassroots organization. To find your local group, click here.


If you’re a Spanish speaking lawyer, or you are a lawyer who can secure a translator, you can offer legal assistance to asylum seekers through the RAICES Karnes project. You can read about my most recent experiences here.

Americans of Conscience

Americans of Conscience has ideas for letters you can write to elected officials.

Want more Groups?

Here’s a list.

Volunteer in your local Democratic office.

Even if you’re a conservative, 2020 is the year you have to vote Democratic. The GOP needs to learn a lesson.

Write postcards to voters.

 A great way to get involved and donate from your own home. More on that here.

Subscribe to local newspapers, and national journals that do good investigative reporting.

If everyone does this, lots of money will get pumped in to news reporting. Without an influx of money, news organizations rely on clicks. This means they have to be sensational to survive, which isn’t necessarily good reporting. If you can’t afford to subscribe, give good journalists clicks and likes. If you don’t like something a newspaper says, write a letter to the editor, don’t unsubscribe. (You can’t expect to like everything a newspaper prints). Remember that reporters are basically risking their lives in pursuit of truth. (Americans were hit with a very successful propaganda campaign in 2016; we’re all on a steep learning curve.) If Trump bashes the press, and liberals and others bash the press, reporters are getting it from all sides, and who would want to do that job? It’s not like reporters earn a lot of money.

WIN WITH PIZZA. Grace in Oregon is starting a Win With Pizza organization to bring pizza to people stuck in long voter lines, to raise morale and keep people in lines. If you want to help, contact her here: 10Catvideos at gmail (I’ll add her website when it’s available).

Donate to organizations like Raices or the ACLU, or Democratic candidates.

Make your views known, but try not to increase the polarization.

Put a sign on your lawn.

If enough people get involved, democracy can be saved. We need enough people involved and voting to offset the inevitable cheating.